Margill Loan Manager
  Your complete loan, mortgage and accounts receivable management solution

Margill Loan Manager allows:

  • Small and medium-sized lenders (community & social lenders, corporate lenders and individual lenders)
  • Micro finance institutions
  • Accountants (consolidated corporate loans (liabilities) for financial statements)
  • Collection agencies

to manage, globally anywhere from ten to 5000 regular, irregular, fixed rate or variable rate loans (auto loans, personal loans, corporate loans and notes), leases, mortgages, lines of credit and receivables.

Margill Loan Manager produces:

  • Detailed payment schedules (with exact payment dates, lump sum payments, extra or missed payments, etc.)
  • Line by line status and comment (payment, missed payment, unpaid payment, late payment, extra principal, insurance, tax, penalties, etc.) to track any of these financial instruments
  • Global (consolidated) portfolio or partial portfolio totals including end of the fiscal year totals (balance, interest, repaid principal, etc.)
  • "Events" reports such as late or unpaid payments, NSF checks, doubtful accounts
  • Client paperwork (loan or mortgage letter, proposals or contracts) which can be adapted according to your needs in any language (English, Spanish, French...). Easy merge functions with your existing Word (WordPerfect) documentation.
  • Custom reports and invoices with over 150 fields to choose from.
  • Export of data to accounting package or produce the preauthorized bank payment daily (weekly, monthly) list.

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